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February 17, 2009

I See The Irony – Vintage House Plans

Style Trends BookYes, I see the irony in posting about vintage house plans on a site called “No Pattern Required”, but hey, you don’t have to use them. They are just suggestions. 🙂

My paternal granfather was a huge packrat. He must have kept every paper, mailing, gas bill and greeting card he ever received. But you don’t hear me complaining. It is that pack-ratish tendency that brings us this very post. Or, this series of posts.

 This great book was purchased from Edward Heines Lumber Co. in 1940 for 25 cents. It was probably about the time that Grandpa was trying to decide if he wanted to build or buy. As a side note, he ended up by a brick duplex on Chicago’s north side, but that is another post. Comfortable Ranch - Design V-5

The first plan in this book is a cute one called the Comfortable Ranch.  Some of the highlights mentioned are a large porch, a big fireplace with hearth in the living room, two large bedrooms and both horizontal and vertical siding on the outside. V-5 Close-up

So, why only two bedrooms? Besides the financial constraints of 1940’s, the book points out the advantages of only having two large bedrooms vs. more bedrooms. It is better to have two bedrooms of comfortable size, the book states, than to crowd too many rooms into a given floor space. Proper exposure of the rooms so that they secure the prevailing breeze is necessary, and cross-ventilation is very important.  I suppose I can see their point, but I feel sorry for all the kids in this house that were forced to share a bedroom!

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