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March 24, 2009

Mid-Century Home – Lighting

Fabulous LampsWe were in Bay City over the weekend to be the race crew for our friend, Sara, who was participating in the St. Patrick’s Day races. I know, it is a little late for St. Patrick’s Day races, since the holiday is over, but it was still a fun race and we had a great time being crew.

The only downside to the whole experience was how incredibly COLD it was outside, and the fact that our favorite coffee shops were not open.  One irritating thing I have noticed about Michigan since I moved here is that everything on the main street is usually closed on Sunday. I know it is so that the small business owners can have a day with their family.  I understand that. I really, really do. But when your city is holding a huge race and it is 35 degrees outside, those closed coffee shops miss out on a LOT of customers.

But, when your old favorites are closed, you go out and find new favorites.  Green lampWe found a shop that was open, and we promptly decided we would be back. We loved it. The interior Espresso Express was Mid-Century, the coffee was good and strong and the people behind the counter were super friendly. And they let me take some pictures of all their great lamps!   

I have to admit, I almost died when I saw that green lamp. How fantastic is that?  I tried to get them to sell it, but to no avail. The shade was fantastic and the base was so beautiful. Sigh.  I could write a love sonnet to this lamp, I really could.

So, we got our hot drinks and Sara finished her 8K race with a much better time than she was expecting. Afterwards we went out for Polish food and had a beer. What a great Sunday!

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  1. Raven1025 Reply

    September 19, 2010 at 2:10 am

    I only recently discovered your site, and have been trying to catch up. I’ve seen lots of things I grew up with. The siblings of that top light fixture are in my parents’ house. They have the blue and green versions of that pendant light and the matching ceiling light. It’s fascinating to me how popular all that stuff is. Especially all of their Brasilia furniture!

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