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March 31, 2009

Our House – Moving Around Cabinets

Cookbook ShelfWhen we had the floor put in, we moved everything movable out of the kitchen and onto our three season porch.  This included the fridge and the cabinet next to the fridge, which had been displaced from its original spot in the kitchen design during the one and only “remodel” of our kitchen back in 1986.  That remodel consisted of replacing the countertops and appliances, leading to the displacement of this large cabinet to make room for a new fridge.

After the floor went in, we decided to leave this cabinet out on the three season porch for a while. Moving it out of the kitchen had left an empty spot between the fridge and the stove area, making it possible to have larger garbage and recycling  cans only a toss away from the prep area and the dishwasher. We had thought to leave the extra cabinet on the porch for game and summer storage. 

But then my cookbooks overflowed their designated area, and we had to move the cabinet back in to the house.  Cabinet Placement

Not that I am complaining.  I think the new placement of the cabinet is great.  We put it along the empty wall in the eat-in area of the kitchen.  I was trying to figure out what to put there, if we needed to get another piece of furniture or not, but the cabinet looks pretty good for right now.

Which is a good thing, because otherwise I would have been running around trying to match either the blue of the cabinets, or our natural maple wood accents, neither of which is a fun thing to do.

I also got to pull out another of my vintage linens, which we use far too few of, in my opinion.  This pretty one was made by my great aunt. It has seen some better days, but I just put the stained and unraveled parts toward the wall. Shh…don’t tell….

Top of the Cabinet







Vintage Shelf Paper

And the best part of this cabinet?  The vintage shelf paper, with a scalloped edge, still lining the metal shelves.


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