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June 28, 2009

Amazing Brick House and Vintage Airstream

Race and Picnic 023Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA the last copuple of days, but we had our open house yesterday and I had to do so much cleaning and cooking!  I think the party turned out really well, but more on that in the next few days.

Hubs and my friend Sara went to the Polish Festival 5k Race in Bay City on Thursday, so I spent some time hanging out before the race and working on some embriodery.  I also got some great pictures, both of the race and of some vintage sights around the race.

For example, here is a vintage Airstream that we noticed just sitting in someone’s yard.  I should have gotten a better picture!

And here is an amazing brick house that Hubs noticed along the race route. Race and Picnic 021

Beautiful, isn’t it?  The layout reminds me of our house, which I think is just a fabulous layout.  Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t show the great entryway, which has a really great front door. And I love the multicolored brick!

Well, I hope you are having a great weekend!  I am off to relax….

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One Response to Amazing Brick House and Vintage Airstream

  1. sablemable Reply

    June 29, 2009 at 5:30 am

    Welcome back, Ruth! Glad to hear your open house was a hit!

    Nice home and even nicer Airstream!

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