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July 10, 2009

Recent Thrifted Finds – What I am Keeping!

Vintage Finds 7-2-09 005So, we recently took a trip to Bay City, as I mentioned before, and while we were there we stopped at a fantatic thrift store called The Cat’s Meow.  I adore this place, not just because it is the size of a Walmart, but because they randomly have fantastic sales, so you never know how good of a deal you get until you get there.  The last time we showed up, the entire store was 50% off the already thrift prices, and all clothes were $.25. Score. 

Anyway, this fine glass to the left is a vintage Wizard of Oz glass, a line that Hubs is crazy about. Seriously.  He loved the Wizard of Oz as a kid, and so anything vintage Wizard of Oz is immediately a must have in his book.  It is just a plus that these glasses have a vintage cartoony look and are done in a 1950’s color palette.

We got this one for $.25. I know, I was floored, too. Anyway, we have the straight bottomed set, and this is one of the wavy bottoms, so if anyone wants to trade another glass from this collection or buy this one, feel free to email me.  Until then, this baby will reside with the others in their little glass house.

Vintage Finds 7-2-09 056I also picked up this great little decorative pottery bowl.  It has no markings on the bottom, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. This picture doesn’t show it, but the bowl is pretty small, like four inches or so from pointed end to pointed end.  The depressions in it make me think it is an ashtray, since the little depressions look like they should hold cigarettes, but it doesn’t look like it was used very often, if at all. So, if anyone has a clue what this is, or who made it, feel free to comment.  Otherwise, it is going into the living room to be used as a decorative piece.

Anyway, I got so many, many more things.  Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post.  I originally intended to put a Flickr slideshow in this post, but I couldn’t get photos to upload today for some reason.  Not sure what the deal is with that.  In any case, I will try to post more of the finds as soon as I can, including the dresses I got.  I will post them seperately next week, because I need advice on how to get some stains out.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    January 2, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    My Mom has one of these in green. She used to be an antique collector. I know she found it some 40 years ago and it was already an antique.

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