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July 30, 2009

Set A Vintage Table – Decorative Placemats

Table Settings001For those of you looking for a way to spice up your table, the vintage way, these cute placemat ideas just might be the thing! 

I love this table settings book from Better Homes & Gardens.   Last time we got to see china suggestions, and this time we get to see easy placemats that you can make yourself.

Oh, and I had a question last time on whether they show you how to properly set a table in this book.  The answer: Kind of. Surprisingly, this book really doesn’t have anything to do with how to put china down in the right place.  It does have layouts for buffets in the last chapter, which is really interesting, but mostly it is just how to spiff up a table, not where to put the oyster fork.

By the way, I love the pink rimmed dishes in this cover.  Anyway, on to the placemat suggestions!

Table Settings004

Table Settings005

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