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August 27, 2009

Vintage Kitchen Display at Penzy’s Spices in West Allis

Goodwill & August 09 040When Tom and I were visiting our friends recently, we decided to stop by one of our favorite stores, Penzy’s Spices, to stock up on some spices that we needed.  While we were there we did a ton of browsing and, as always, I ended up in the adorable 1940’s kitchen reconstruction that displays all of the baking spices for the store.

Normally I just admire it adoringly, but this time I finally had my camera with me, so I decided that I would take some pictures.

I should have reached out and straightened that cute rooster towel, but I was so excited about actually remembered my camera that I didn’t fix the towel!  Ah well, next time, maybe. 🙂

This great Kelvinator fridge is in the back of the display, and I love how they put  crayon pictures on it and shopping lists to make it look like a working kitchen. It’s a nice touch!

Goodwill & August 09 039

A view of the “working kitchen” display. I love this kitchen, every time I go into it I am totally inspired to bake. I suppose that is the point, since to bake I need to buy a bunch of spices.  So the display works on me!

Goodwill & August 09 043

The large Hoosier cabinet display.  I like the yellow painted beadboard used as a backsplash. I will have to remember that if we ever get a 1930’s house!

Goodwill & August 09 042

A great display of extracts, with some vintage dishes in the mix!

As always, we found what we needed and we were sad to leave. Ah well, I am sure we will be back the next time we visit!

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2 Responses to Vintage Kitchen Display at Penzy’s Spices in West Allis

  1. Sara in AZ Reply

    August 27, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    My mom loves Penzy’s. We have one here in Scottsdale, but I have never been to it. I wonder if they all have this kind of display? I looooove that vinatge kitchen! How cool that a store would put that kind of thought into a display. It does really have that cozy, vinatge look. And that sink, that sink totally rocks too! The beadboard is a way cool touch, but you must never move to a 1930’s house – you must always stay in your rockin 50s abode! 😉

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