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September 27, 2010

Glenda’s Turquoise Sofa, Magic Chef and 50’s Firehouse

By RetroRuth

I got this FANTASTIC email with pictures from Glenda in Kansas while I was on vacation.  Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Glenda!!! Glenda writes:

Dear Ruth,

I was perusing your No Pattern Required past archives for June 2010.  After reading about your sofa and rocking chairs purchase, I knew I had to send a picture of a sofa we purchased at an auction for $8.  It is shown covered with an indian blanket as the nobby upholstery wasn’t real easy on the legs.  An early hide-a-bed, the back cushion lays down backward to turn into a 2-cushion bed.  Not all that comfortable to sleep in, however.  We used it in a weekend get-a-way house, then ultimately sold the house.  The sofa?  It was given to a friend who, after divorcing her husband and acquiring a new boyfriend, the sofa found its way out on their front yard to be hauled off.  Nope, not a thing was wrong with it – just another unwanted piece of furniture as far as they were concerned.  Gee, I do wish I would have kept that sofa……

You have a wonderful site – I enjoy it immensely.  I could be considered MCM myself, born in 1958.  And I do still have some MCM items given to me by my mother and grandmother.  I have tons, literally tons of handcrafted tea towels, doilies, aprons, crochet-edged pillowcases, etc. that I keep safe in my waterfall-style cedar chest.

On another note, we lived in a decommissioned 1953 firestation, totally retroed out inside.  It was untouched when we purchased it – the industrial green paint, industrial green swirly tile in the hallways, beigey subway-like tile all over everywhere.  It was a 50’s lovers dream!  We outfitted it in retro furniture, etc. until we got tired of the city it was located in and sold it, moving to a smaller town and into a “bungaloid” which was truly my dreamhouse.  We still have our 50’s décor – I cannot throw anything away J    I also attached a picture of the firestation…..  as well as a pic of one of my cats sitting on the bathroom shelf.  You can see the block the station had throughout.

I also attached a picture of our stove that was given to us when we lived in the firestation – I HATED leaving that stove!!!!!  It was a Magic Chef, my husband totally cleaned and repainted the turquoise, which was the original color.

Hope you enjoy!

Glenda Campbell

Winfield, KS

Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Glenda!  And feel free to send more pictures and info about the firehouse. Sounds like such a great place to live!

And the rest of you readers, send in your stuff and we will show it on the blog!  Send it to ruth@nopatternrequired.com. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Glenda’s Turquoise Sofa, Magic Chef and 50’s Firehouse

  1. Annie B. Reply

    September 27, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Oh, fantastic is right, Ruth! What a sofa! That re-purposed firehouse is incredible. It just oozes coolness.

    Thanks to you both for sharing these great pics. That’s one fine feline, too!

  2. Eartha Kitsch Reply

    September 28, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Wow! I want to live in a firehouse! How cool! That said, I’m glad that Glenda found her dream house. That’s really important.

    I love the sofa and that stove and the kitties too. All around – awesome!

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