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November 22, 2010

Voting Begins For Retro Christmas Card Contest

By RetroRuth

Wow!  I don’t envy you guys!  Making a decision on who gets your vote is going to be a tough one! We have some fantastic entries for this year’s card contest, and I honestly couldn’t pick one if you asked me to.  Luckily, the choice is up to you guys!

Listen below are the entries, in no particular order. You can vote once a day starting today and ending on Sunday, November 28th at midnight EST.  The “Best” can be the most hilarious, helpful, life-changing, time-saving, delicious, disgusting, ridiculous or just be your favorite. 

It is up to you, Readers!  And thanks to everyone who entered the contest!!! Good Luck!

Entry #1 –  Fridgidare’s 1961 Line of Appliances

By Sharon (aka Charm and Poise)

I’m nominating the 1961 line of appliances by Frigidaire as the most important consumer product created for American housewives.  Yes, refrigerators, washers, and dryers appeared in the American home in various forms long before 1961. And sure, pastel appliances livened up women’s kitchens previous to the 1960s.  But as this catalog cover – which showcases the many wonderful pastel appliances that Frigidaire offered in 1961 – proves, I’m not sure those pink and turquoise appliances of days gone by were ever done as well as these.  The most persuasive part of the catalog cover for me is that giant, looming, and yet placid-faced housewife gazing with such tender happiness at the appliance possibilities bowing down before her.  Clearly, by making the housewife a giant with dominion over a host of tiny pastel appliances, Frigidaire proffers the possibility of every housewife feeling like a powerful being while doing housework aided by her Frigidaire finery.  And who wouldn’t feel like a queen while using the “no stoop” wall oven or experiencing the time saving brilliance of the “Roll-to-You Cooking Top” standard in every swoon-inducing Flair Range?  Every housewife wants a happy mealtime, a load of sparkling clean laundry, and air-conditioned snuggle time on the couch with hubby, doesn’t she?  And if these are the must-haves of the American housewife, shouldn’t they be satisfied with grace and beauty?  Decidedly, yes.  YES!  Frigidaire had its finger on the pulse of every 1961 housewife when it offered to fill her home with pastel beauties that delivered grace and elegance along with reliability.  A woman’s work is never done, but with Frigidaire, at least that work will be helped along with the pink, blue, and yellow-hued promise of “happier, more carefree living!”
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Entry #2 – Pantyhose
By Annie B.
Entry #3 – The Microwave
By Toni
This was really tough to choose between TV Dinners and Microwave Ovens.  I loved the Swanson’s Dinners in the foil trays when I was a kid (they are NOT the same now at all), and I’m betting that housewives thought they were a miracle.  But the Microwave . . .
I’m going with Microwave Oven. It combines the best of the Mid Century Modern.  It’s spacey to use microwaves to cook.  And it’s all about convenience for the Housewife.  The first ones for residential use were not invented until the 1960’s, so I think it counts (even though the first commercial one was produced in 1948).

Entry #4 – The Electric Frying Skillet

By Cindy

The electric frying skillet. I swear when I cleaned out my mom’s house this year I found three of them. She cooked everything in them!!!

Entry #5 – Handi Hostess Kit’s Li’l Frankie
By Abigail (aka Miss Abigail)
Here’s my entry, it sure is one of my favorites from this era. Who wouldn’t want the Handi Hostess Kit’s Li’l Frankie (for Dinners, Cocktails, Parties, Luncheons)? Made in 1956 is the “hit of any party” which makes it a shoe-in for your contest, I think. Of course the spikes on this device would put an eye out if used improperly (don’t let little Johnny get his hands on this), so it probably wouldn’t meet the safety regulations of today, which is just plain sad. I think every party hostess should have a Li’l Frankie! I think your readers would agree.  Oh, and it’s not just for meat eaters. The recipe book says that fruit (such as pineapple) could be placed on the prongs. Dip in sweetened batter and after deep frying, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Fruit fritters for the whole family!
Entry #6 – Comet Cleanser
By Karen

Where oh where would we be without comet cleanser? Of course, most people use mr clean magic pads but I prefer to use good old comet cleanser and a scrub brush!

Entry #7 – Home Permanents
By Dana @ Mid2Mod
I’m old enough to have had some life-altering experiences with home permanents!  I remember when they were all the rage with housewives in the 1950s. I, like many other kids growing up during the 50s, had my scalp and my psyche scarred (dare I say permanently?) by our mothers’ enthusiasm for that particular product! 🙂
Entry # 8 – The TV Dinner
By Sylvie

I think the tv dinner (a.k.a. frozen dinner)was the best consumer product of this era. This freed Moms from being chained to the kitchen. Also, for the children with Moms who served slop, they now could eat tasty meals.

Entry # 9 – The Pill

By Steph @ Tart Deco

At first I was going to say Elvis Presley was the best consumer product (and he was a product)for American housewives EVER, but then I thought to myself ” Self, even more than Elvis what has changed your life by leaps and bounds?”

I answered myself- “THE PILL.” Invented by Margaret Sanger, the birth control pill was officially approved by the FDA in 1957 (for severe menstrual disorders), but Sanger had been lobbying for her “magic pill” for decades prior. Finally in 1960, women from all walks of life were able to finally have a say in their reproductive lives.

The Pill, I tip my uterus to you.

Entry # 10 –  Built-In Nutone Blender
By Maureen

My entry for the contest is the Built-In Nutone Blender (My husband’s all-time favorite gadget)

I can think of nothing better than the Nutone blender.  Some homes even had custom drawers built to accomodate all the attachments to this blender.  It’s practical, it’s attractive, and it’s a “must have” for the atomic ranch home.


Thanks, everyone!!!! These were all great.  And now…insert drumroll please…it’s time for the voting to begin!!!!

Remember: You can vote once a day. Tell your friends to come and vote, too. The more the merrier!

And thanks again to Diane, who made this whole contest possible with her great prize, 52 awesome retro cards from What’s Buzzin’!

Good luck!

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3 Responses to Voting Begins For Retro Christmas Card Contest

  1. Eartha Kitsch Reply

    November 22, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Great entries! Good luck everyone!

  2. Jennifer Reply

    November 24, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Wow, I was really digging all of the neat entries of typical house-wife status, since it was about catering to making her home a better place. BUT that was until I got to THE Pill. NOTHING revolutioned the house-wife’s experience except finally being able to control whether or not she had additional children. This one gets my vote! (And I was originally going to vote for the pretty pastel appliances too!)

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