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April 12, 2011

Hurry Summertime

By Dave

Living in Florida I don’t really get warm weather withdrawal like some of my northern latitude friends, so as my contribution to those of you who are still dealing with nasty winter-ish weather – Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, summertime pool edition.

I’m not going to go on a rant here (that’s Ruth’s department), but I remember a time when Las Vegas was for adults. So to help you over these last few weeks of yuck weather let’s pretend we’re at The Tam O’Shanter Motel:

Tam O'Shanter Motel

Here we have mom and pop, and aunt Beverly sitting by the pool with ALL of their clothes on. That’s what I want to do. Go to Vegas in August when it’s 113 degrees and wear my blue socks and wing tips. Next, let’s go over to the Desert Inn.

The Desert Inn

At least most people in this picture have swimming attire on – except that guy way in the back with the red shirt. Notice how bikinis used to have more fabric in them than they do today? Oh, and high dives – can you say neck injury lawsuit? Let’s go over to the Dunes next.

The Dunes

I love high dives (that’s what I’ve always called high diving boards) too bad they’ve gone away. Must have been some kind of swimsuit contest going on. Why else would one wear heels while wearing a one piece? Extra points for concrete sea horses, swim caps, and the mean lady in front. Let’s go over to the Fabulous Flamingo.

The Flamingo

Here, let me lean on this bird house looking thingy while I hold this beach ball. Posing? Me? No. This is how I always look. Meanwhile over at the Frontier . . .

The Frontier

Ever wonder what the underneath side of a high dive looks like? I can hear Jimmy Buffet saying something about "…all the tourists covered with oil" Let’s go way back in time to The Last Frontier.

The Last Frontier

This must be from the last 40s or really early 50s – before everything got supersized. Quick – over to the Riviera.

The Riviera

Two things come to mind immediately – bikini bottoms are getting smaller and "Hey, no horseplay on the high dive!" For you tropical flora folks let’s run over to the Sahara and see . . .

The Sahara

Bird of Paradise plants. Extremely cool. Let’s just enjoy the rattan, bamboo, cane, wicker, whatever it is and the flowers. Now showing at the Sands . . .

The Sands

…some guy about to break his neck by diving head first into the pool after taking way too high a jump off the board. I hate to tell the guy, but you shouldn’t wear white swim trunks into the water. White swim trunks, high dive off the board – clearly a show off. But over at the Stardust . . .

The Stardust

…the groundskeepers have to cut all that grass and keep it out of the pool. Good luck. I’ve tried that. Outdoor time everywhere is my mantra. Over at The Thunderbird . . .

The Thunderbird

…they’re posing in bikinis on the putt-putt course. Don’t they ever take real life candid shots anymore? No. Not after they got that mean lady in the picture back at the Dunes. I stayed at The Thunderbird for a week back in the summer of ’71. It did not look this cool. This shot is from the much cooler period of the mid 60s. Let’s see what’s happening at The Tropicana.

The Tropicana

Not much. Must be off season, or someone dropped a Baby Ruth candy bar into the pool . . .

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of summertime. There’s nothing better than lying around by the pool on a lounge chair.

Dave at pool

Take it from me. I know.

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7 Responses to Hurry Summertime

  1. design elements Reply

    April 12, 2011 at 11:27 am

    these images are somehow unique…lovely greetings

  2. veg-o-matic Reply

    April 12, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Wowsers. While all the pools/hotels/bikinis are nothing short of stunning, I think what I’d like most of all is a big ol’ piece of Dave!

  3. Jen Reply

    April 12, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    I’m thinking/hoping the guy in the red shirt @ the Desert is our waiter, complete with cocktails that have umbrellas and maraschino cherries in them. 😉

    And thanks, I think. It was 80 and sunny Sunday & yesterday; today, 40s, rainy, and windy. Typical! LOL

    • RetroRuth Reply

      April 13, 2011 at 10:53 am

      Jen! That is exactly what our weather was, too. Nature! What a tease!

  4. Dave Reply

    April 13, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Wowsers indeed. My first fan!

    Thank you, Veg.


  5. sablemable Reply

    April 14, 2011 at 9:36 pm


    LOL!!!!!!!! Great post, I love humor!

  6. RetroRuth Reply

    April 15, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Wow!! I LOVE the Sahara postcard!

    Great post, Dave!

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