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October 13, 2011

Vintage Hermosa Tile Brochure – Franciscan Starburst Tile!

By Sara In AZ

I recently came across this vintage Hermosa Tile pamphlet and I thought y’all might want to check it out too!

Hermosa Tile was a division of Gladding, McBean & Co., the manufacturers of Franciscan Dinnerware – and around here I’m pretty sure we ALL love our Franciscan Starburst!

There is no date on this catalog, but my guess would be that it was published in the mid to late 1950s.

This booklet is so interesting because it shows many of the tile patterns that were offered by Hermosa Tile at the time, including our beloved Starburst. Let’s take a look y’all!


Ahhhhhh, Hi lovely lady. Can I move in with you immediately so we can cook in this AWESOME Starburst kitchen together??? I imagine preparing food in a Starburst tiled kitchen makes everything taste just a little bit better! Just look at how happy she is surrounded by all that Starburst tile!


All these FAB kitchens are just making me drool all over the brochure!


I would literally give my eye teeth for that pink bathroom on the top! It has these sweet little MCM fish tiles all over the shower walls, you will see them close-up in 2 more pages.


Yay! There is the AWESOME Starburst tile!!! I LOVE the Bubbles on Pink Dust tile too, and well heck – I love them all!!!


There is the fish tile I was just talking about. It is called Fisherman’s Wharf. Here they show it with a jade green background instead of pink.  All of these tiles are SO fantastic I would have a hard time picking just one.


Hey Hermosa Tile, you don’t have to sell me on the benefits of your product. I would buy it in a heartbeat if you still made it!



All the lovely colors. So beautiful to look at.

I think I will go down to the showroom in Phoenix and see if I can get someone to take my order! 🙂


Hope y’all enjoyed!

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11 Responses to Vintage Hermosa Tile Brochure – Franciscan Starburst Tile!

  1. RetroRuth Reply

    October 13, 2011 at 10:58 am

    LOVE these, Sara! Some great decorating ideas in here as well. And does that one picture show a TV in a built-in next to the fireplace? Wicked.

    • Sara in AZ Reply

      October 13, 2011 at 9:06 pm

      Thanks Ruth!!! I know, isn’t that built in TV crazy cool! You had better believe my retro house will have some decorating ideas taken right from the pages of this little booklet!!!

  2. sablemable Reply

    October 13, 2011 at 11:32 am

    Oh, my oh my, Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Next to wood, I absolutely love tile! Those tile counters in the kitchens! I need a new kitchen countertop; maybe an all tile one?

    • Sara in AZ Reply

      October 13, 2011 at 9:08 pm

      Tile is SUPER FAB Sable!!! It would be awesome to see tile counters in your MCM kitchen!!! Now, see if you an possibly get your hands on some of those Starburst tiles!

  3. Shannon Reply

    October 13, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    What a stunning kitchen in the first photo! I especially love the chairs(and the curtains, and the lamps, and the colour combination). The dinnerware design is almost like an inverted version of the tile design. Awful to think someone with a kitchen like this may have made big changes to it in the 70s or 80s. And I wish stores would start selling pleated drapes again. (And in sizes to fit the wide windows in our mid-century built houses! There are enough houses like that around. I ended up railroading curtains and fabric because I don’t want floor-length curtains in the bedrooms.)

    By the way, my guess for the year of this publication would be 1957.

    • Sara in AZ Reply

      October 13, 2011 at 9:11 pm

      Shannon, that first kitchen is fabulous beyond words. I agree about the dinnerware, it looks like it was made to go with that tile. Maybe Franciscan had a pattern that matched, they did do that pretty often! *finger crossed* that stores will start carrying pinch pleats again, we can always hope!

  4. Savannah Reply

    October 20, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Those tiles are fabulous. I just moved into a complex of small 50s houses, that were relocated in the 70s.. I have some cool tiles in my shower, but my neighbor has the starburst tiles.. I’m so utterly jealous. There are 4 pink bathrooms, and mine is white with gold fleck laminate..which I’m looking to replace with..new gold fleck laminate!

    • Sara in AZ Reply

      October 20, 2011 at 3:34 pm

      Savannah – OMG!!! You simply MUST send pics to us of your awesome 50s house. I for one would love to see every detail, esp. your shower tiles! Sadly, don’t get your hopes up about that gold fleck laminate, no one makes it anymore. 🙁 You could get lucky and find some dead stock somewhere you never know. Wilsonart laminate can also do a special order of it for $$$, but it will not look the same as the old stuff due to a different process to make it now.

  5. Rigo Cabezas Reply

    March 15, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    I have a mid-century home with Hermosa tile in my bathroom shown as style No.S-4402. It’s a pale yellow color. I need a dozen or so of these tiles. Are they still available?

  6. Alison Bradley Reply

    August 17, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    I’ve been hunting down the name of the manufacturer of the tiles we have in our bathroom. Today I came across a pattern on dishes that matched the tile in our pink bathroom. The name of the pattern “Franciscan Starburst Tile” led me to your post. Thank you – this information is invaluable to us in trying to maintain the fabulous-ness of our 60’s pink bathroom will fixing the plumbing issues. Yes my kid’s bathroom features the starburst in pink – one of our favorite features of this house is the untouched 60’s tiles.

    • Sara In AZ Reply

      August 18, 2017 at 5:39 pm

      Whoa Alison……you are seriously one lucky girl to have a Starburst tiled bathroom…..many people I know would give their eye teeth for a bathroom like that! Thank you SO much for preserving and not destroying!!!

      Gonna send you an e-mail cuz I NEED to see this place!

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