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September 3, 2012

Classic Cars and Vintage Fabric In Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

By RetroRuth

I hate to admit it, but I was sort of a slacker with the camera on our most recent trip.  Most of it was because of the rain, which kept me from lugging the camera with me everywhere like I normally do. The other part of me was just so tired from all of our driving that I really lost the will to lift my arms. It was pretty pathetic. This is an example of our conversation while driving:

“Check out that awesome sign.”

“Which sign?”

“The awesome one! You know, the one behind that blue one.”

“That red one?”

“Yes, that one.”

“It is pretty awesome.”

“I bet it would be a good picture for your blog.”

“I bet you’re right.”



“Well, what?”

“Aren’t you going to take a picture? Do you want me to pull over so you can take one?”



“Yeah. I’ll pass. It would be a lot of work to get out of the car. Plus then I’d have to lift my arms.”

*Disgusted sound*


So, needless to say, these pictures were taken by Tom. That is why most of them are of cars.

Not that I don’t like vintage cars or anything, but when I take the pictures they tend not to be so…car-y.


These car-y pictures are from Muskie Fest in Boulder Junction, WI.  We stopped there with my parents because the Main Street of Boulder Junction was shut down and filled with a craft fair, a flea market and a vintage car show. How could we not stop?


It was pretty fun. Not only were there some great cars, but I got to have a brat and an ice cream float at 9:30 in the morning.

I would say that it was the Wisconsin Breakfast of Champions, but I am pretty sure that the true WI breakfast would have more beer in it.


So pretty!

The flea market was pretty small, but I did manage to get one thing, some great vintage fabric!


This is 6 yards of unused tropical rayon fabric that my mom and I managed to snag for $25. Pretty good deal! We also found a three vintage mail-order dress patterns in a modern size 12, for $2 each, which I was pretty stoked about. I didn’t take a picture of those (See? Lazy!) but they and the fabric went home with my mom to be sewn into some awesome dresses.

Thanks, Mom!

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2 Responses to Classic Cars and Vintage Fabric In Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

  1. Sara In AZ Reply

    September 3, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    That fabric is amazing and I cannot wait to see your new/old dresses!

  2. Andrea Reply

    September 4, 2012 at 1:35 am

    Ooooh, nice fabric! Fantastic score, especially to find a piece big enough to do something with!

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