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November 5, 2012

Submit Your “Santa Experience” For A Chance To Win 50 Fab Christmas Cards From WhatsBuzzin.com, THE Retro Christmas Card Company – CLOSED

By RetroRuth

I seriously don’t know if I believe this, but the holiday season is almost upon us! Where has all the time gone?? I swear it was summertime, like, yesterday.

But no matter where the time went this year, it is definitely November now. And November means a lot of holiday stuff is going to happen really fast. Around here, November means its time to have our annual Christmas Card Giveaway with WhatsBuzzin.com, THE Retro Christmas Card Company!


A lot of you already know about Diane from WhatsBuzzin.com and her amazing cards. I know many of you order them every year, and some of you have even been lucky enough to win some of her great cards from our annual giveaways. I have to tell you that this year is more exciting than ever, because she has some super-fab new designs this year, all with a great mid-century modern flavor.  I am seriously obsessed with her new reindeer card. You can see it at the bottom in the photo below or here on her website.


LOVE it!

So, the theme of this year’s contest is sharing our “Santa Experience” !  Tell us your best Santa-related story in the comments below or on our Facebook page.  The story can be about a time you sat on Santa’s lap (think Ralphie from A Christmas Story), the time that Santa brought you that amazing toy you’d been praying for for weeks, or even your joy when you woke up to find that Santa had nibbled on the cookies you left him. If your story includes Santa in some way, you are entered to win! Easy, right?

Wait, you don’t think it is easy?

Well, then I will tell you MY Santa Experience to get the ball rolling.


When I was very small, all my sister and I wanted was a Little’s Dollhouse. We had seen it at our local K-Mart and had immediately fallen in love with it. My poor Mom was so upset about it, because she had no idea how she was going to get it for us. She wasn’t working so she could stay home with me and my sister, so money was tight that year. She had made us matching Christmas dresses and some stuffed toys, but they didn’t have a lot of extra money for presents. And we were obsessed with the dollhouse.  We sat on Santa’s lap and asked him for the dollhouse. We wrote letters to him begging for the dollhouse, which my mom reluctantly mailed.

Christmas came a long and she was trying to be excited and positive for us, but it was hard. On Christmas Eve morning she said to my dad, “I just feel terrible. What is going to happen when they don’t get that dollhouse?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Dad said, “They’ll enjoy Christmas just the same.”

The next morning my mom awoke to the sound of our screams of joy. She ran downstairs to find us ripping open the box of our very own Little’s Dollhouse while my dad took pictures and laughed.

“How did you do it?” she asked my dad.

“It wasn’t me! Didn’t you read the card? It says ‘From Santa’.”

It turned out that my dad had put the dollhouse on layaway months earlier, and had been paying it off with money he earned doing odd jobs for the neighbors. It was a fantastic dollhouse, and because we had asked and asked Santa AND because my Mom was just as surprised as my sister and I were to see it, we totally believed that it had come from the big guy himself.


See? Easy as pie!

We will be giving out three great prizes for the best “Santa Experience” stories:

Grand Prize – A mixed assortment of over 50 cards spanning ALL of the designs from WhatsBuzzin.com, THE Retro Christmas Card Company

2nd prize – 16 cards From the Illustrated Collection

3rd prize – 13 Assorted Cards From Vintage Signs & Overjoyed Kids Collections


So, you had better get writing and submit your Santa stories! Just leave them in the comments on this post our on our Facebook page. The NEW deadline for Santa Story submissions is December 2 at midnight EST, and the winners will be announced on December 3rd!

*SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! Please go here to see the winners !

Good luck, and we can’t wait to hear from all of you!

P.S. If you are really loving the card designs and want to see what Diane is designing on a regular basis, check out her blog A Really Retro Christmas!



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15 Responses to Submit Your “Santa Experience” For A Chance To Win 50 Fab Christmas Cards From WhatsBuzzin.com, THE Retro Christmas Card Company – CLOSED

  1. Sara In AZ Reply

    November 5, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    ugggghhhhh…..I am completely depressed that I cannot enter this contest. 🙁

    Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  2. Joanna Reply

    November 5, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    I grew up in a quite conservative family and we weren’t told the stories of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, or Santa. I had seen images of these things when I was young, however, they didn’t make much sense, so I didn’t think much of them as I went on my merry little life.

    Fast forward to first grade. My entire class squeals with glee and explodes in chatter as our teacher announced our writing assignment for the next day is to write a letter to Santa. This concept didn’t make sense to me. Why would I want to write to the picture of the fat dude in red who is simply a decoration in my class? Why would I want to tell him what I want?

    I come home from school that day and tell my mom about our assignment and how I didn’t understand it. That’s when I learned WHO Santa was and what he supposedly did. My mom prefaced the story by telling me that he is not real, but many children believe he is..then she went on to explain that this fat bearded dude in a red suit FLIES all around the world with the help of REINDEER, breaks into peoples houses through their chimney, EATS THEIR COOKIES, and then leaves them stuff. WHO COULD BELIEVE THAT?! And why the heck would I want to write a letter to an old man who breaks into my house and eats my food?!

    The next day at school, my teacher starts passing out cute christmas-themed paper so we can start our writing assignment. I raise my hand.
    “Yes, Joanna?”
    “Um, Mrs. Fetzer…Santa isn’t real. How will these letters get to him if he isn’t real?”

    Silence….And then nearly ALL of the children in my class started crying. My teacher glared at me as though she hated my guts. I sunk in my chair and felt awful. I couldn’t believe so many of my peers thought that fat dude in red who breaks and enters was real!

    The tears eventually stopped and my class got to work writing their letters to Santa. No one said a word to me for the rest of the day.

    To this day, I wonder how many childhoods I unintentionally scarred that day.

  3. Diane Reply

    November 5, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Oh Joanna, Don’t feel bad. My hubby has a similar set of parents… he simply says, “they weren’t liars”… but you should see him light up at Christmas now. He has channelled his inner 6 year old (in his 50s) and loves the holidays more than ever now. How could he not – he married me. I create Retro Christmas Cards for a living.

  4. Joyce Wagner Reply

    November 7, 2012 at 9:30 am

    My best Santa Experience is from when I was about 8 years old. Every year my Grandma would spend Christmas Eve with us and spend the night so she would be there when we opened presents in the morning (my Grandpa had already passed away by then). Back then that meant her and I shared my “huge” full sized bed upstairs. I was almost asleep when I remember her asking me, “do you hear that?” Groggily I was like, hear what? And then I heard them, SLEIGH BELLS!!! We were both giddy with excitement and I ran across to my brother’s room and woke him up and the three of us sat on my bed and listened again. And again, sleigh bells!! I could barely sleep at all that night and we bound down the stairs earlier than usual Christmas Morning all excited – not about the presents but to tell mama and daddy we had heard Santa on the rooftop, or at least his sleigh bells! Til her dying day she swore she heard real sleigh bells and I know I did too. My parents still say they had nothing to do with it. I still remember this special Christmas like it was yesterday. I don’t know if the bells were real but I know that 3 of us heard them and it made that Christmas more special than any other. My Grandma had a way to make everything special and she passed away on 8.8.88 – on Christmas Eve I always say a special prayer for my wonderful and special Grandma and I always tell this story on Christmas Eve.

  5. Megan Reply

    November 8, 2012 at 11:18 am

    I think my favorite Santa memory has to do with the man behind Santa – my dad! He has always been into holidays and Christmas is no exception. As kids, my sister and I would leave a note for Santa with cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer. In the morning we’d find a thank you note from Santa, tons of gifts and even hoof marks in ash leading from the fireplace. Even today (I’m 32) we leave cookies and milk out for Santa. I’m thankful to have a dad who always went the extra mile to make Christmas magic.

  6. Maureen Reply

    November 8, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    I grew up south of Chicago, and my favorite Santa memories are going downtown to Marshall Field’s, with my mother and older sister. I was born in 1960, I was probably 5 or 6 the first time we went, and the whole adventure started with us being dressed to the nines. I wish I had pictures of us, my mom tended to dress us very similar-and we had the gorgeous Christmas dresses, coats, shiny Mary Janes. Then after seeing Santa, we would go to the Walnut Room, meet my Grandmother and three great aunts, all who were to me, the epitome of glamour.

    Imagine four women who in looks and fashion style could put Joan Crawford to shame! We would have lunch, and my sister and I felt so grownup, sitting with those wonderful women. One year we had a table NEXT to the huge, beautiful Christmas tree. I still remember how the wait staff were so kind to us, I felt so fancy and special. For dessert, we had ice cream on the most beautiful plates, colored green and in the shape of a Christmas tree. I thought that was amazing, ice cream in the shape of a tree!

    The windows of Marshall Field’s were famous for the incredible details, in fact that was a Christmas tradition for many families, going to look at the “Christmas windows”. When I say it was a true magical experience,I almost feel like that is an understatement. I would give anything to go back in time and see all that again.

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  9. thatmidcenturyfella Reply

    November 25, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    Wow! Thanks again for the opportunity to win more cool kitschy goodness!

    When I was younger, I lived for Christmas. Honestly, to this day it’s the season that I will always cherish. My grandparents had an awesome 1950’s home. Unfortunately when their health started to decline, we moved all of us into a more modern home. I will never forget the times when we would decorate the huge plastic Christmas tree or sit in front of the fireplace while we unwrapped presents. It was the most magical of childhood experiences. On top of that my family never really pushed the Santa idea because we didn’t want to lose the true meaning. However, when we were little they didn’t burst our “Santa” bubbles. After returning home one Christmas Eve from my grandparent’s house, I was sitting in the glow of our Christmas tree and I remembered asking my parents how Santa would get into our house without a fireplace. My parents, as quickly as they could, told me that he didn’t need a fireplace just a door. That’s how we get into houses right? To this day when I drive by my grandparents home on that hilltop overlooking an incredible scenic view of the river, I always think of family, the holidays, and the innocence of the season.

    Have a great holiday everyone!

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  12. Samantha Reply

    November 29, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    My santa story also happens to be one of my earliest childhood memories. When I was about 4, my family went on a car trip to Helen, GA in autumn to go see the leaves change (we lived in FL). For those not familiar, Helen is basically an alpine village in the mountains of Georgia near the base of the Appalachian Trail. It’s a bit touristy kitsch, but worth the trip I think. Anyway, my family had gone into a little country general store to pick up some supplies, and as I was running around the store, I accidentally ran headlong into a very large man in red overalls and a plaid shirt. I stopped and looked up, and my jaw dropped. Here was Santa Claus! He had a big round belly, a long white beard with shoulder length white hair, wire rim glasses, and a huge smile. He laughed merrily at the shock on my face; it was even kind of a “ho ho ho” laugh!. As my father came over to apologize for his rambunctious kid, he also did a double take! The man of course was very kind about the incident and even gave me a small piece of candy. As he spoke with my dad, he introduced himself as Kris, and said that he was the local toy maker (there was in fact a toy shop in town with all sorts of hand carved wood toys, stuffed animals, and dolls). As we left the general store, he gave me a wink and a wave, and told me to be good. Needless to say, he even had my father convinced that he was the real deal. Even long after I stopped believing in Santa, I still think about Kris the toy maker in GA and have to stop and wonder for a minute….

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