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March 25, 2013

A Few Time Capsule Rooms From Houses For Sale In Midland, MI

By RetroRuth

As you probably know, everyone here at No Pattern Required spends quite a bit of time scanning home listings looking for time capsule beauties to show here on the blog. Sometimes I run across houses that have been partially updated, disqualifying them for time capsule status even though they might still have some serious cool left in them. Today I decided to show you some awesome details and rooms I found in local houses for sale, even if the house isn’t completely untouched anymore.

Our first partial time capsule is from 4610 Roanoke Ct in Midland, Michigan. This house was built in 1957, it is about 2600 square feet, the MLS # is 130374 and the asking price is $178,000.

Roanoke Ct Kitchen

This house has been updated a little, but it still has the awesome kitchen!

Roanoke Peach Bathroom

A cute peaches and cream tile bath.

Roanoke Built ins

Oh built-ins. How I love thee!

Roanoke Basement Kitchen

The untouched kitchen from the mother-in-law suite in the basement. Love the counters!

Roanoke Paneled Room

Another room from the basement suite. I just love the light paneling in this room.

The next house is 901 Sterling Dr, Midland Michigan. This house was built in 1965, it is about 2600 square feet, the MLS # is 130401 and they are asking $224,000.

Sterling Dr Outside


Sterling Dr Bedroom 1

This house still has some original light fixtures and built-ins in the bedrooms.

Sterling Dr Bedroom 2

Paneling! Chenille!

Sterling Dr living room

And an excellent living room space. That fireplace. Love. It.

Next up we have 1207 W St Andrews, Midland, Michigan. This house is actually really close to me, so if anyone wants to be my neighbor, here you go! The house was built in 1937, it is about 3500 square feet, the MLS # is 130519 and they are asking $400,000.

St. Andrews Blue Bath

This house is a weird one! Almost all of the living area has been painted completely white, including the brickwork, and the kitchen has white cabinets in it. It looks really…white. But oddly they left all the bathrooms in this house untouched!

In a side note, this is the exact color blue of the blue bathroom in my house. Also, our pink and peach bathrooms both have those exact white sinks!

St. Andrews Gray Bath

Gray! I love it.

St. Andrews Peach Bath

This looks like a peach or pink bath. That also looks like carpeting on the floor. But never fear, if it is anything like my house the tile is still intact under the carpeting! I spent so much time scraping off carpet tape residue when we moved it. It was ridiculous.

St. Andrews Basement

And now, the best part. The paneled basement with…

St. Andrews Soda Fountain

Ta-Da!!! It’s own soda fountain!!! Who doesn’t love that??? I totally wish we had this in our basement!

And lastly, we have this house from 2706 Swede, Midland, Michigan. This house was built in 1957, it is about 1800 square feet, the MLS # is 130484 and they are asking $130,000.

Swede Exterior

Don’t be fooled by the atomic exterior. Sadly, almost the entire house has been updated, except for…

Swede Bathroom

This adorable bathroom! Very cute, don’t you think?

So, there are some cute time capsule spaces from around my town to inspire everyone. Hope you liked them!

Also, does anyone want to live near me? You could have your own soda fountain!

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4 Responses to A Few Time Capsule Rooms From Houses For Sale In Midland, MI

  1. Beth Reply

    March 25, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Not as satisfying as a full time capsule home, but still tasty. Keep ’em coming! I love seeing these rooms.

  2. Sara In AZ Reply

    March 25, 2013 at 11:56 am

    That last bathroom looks really, really amazing…and yeah – sign me up for a soda fountain in the basement!

  3. Andrea Reply

    March 26, 2013 at 12:22 am

    That soda fountain is unbelievably cool! I am also loving all those gorgeous built ins in the first one, and that black and white bathroom!

  4. Beau Rose Reply

    March 31, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    We are looking to re-do our bath…..keeping the mid century (1957) look. Love seeing the examples. Gives us some great ideas. Kitchen is the next room on the list, have any of them to view?….

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