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May 11, 2013

Kool Kitsch For Sale on eBay

By Sara In AZ

Hey y’all, check out all the cool stuff that is up for sale on eBay right now!

First up, have you ever seen vintage ballerina towels before?!? I know I sure haven’t…..so neat! Check out these Vintage 1950s Royal Terry Ballerina Towels from seller snowboarderutah.


These vintage drinking glasses are super cool and super atomic! Check out these Vintage Atomic Mid Century Starburst Drinking Glasses from seller moxnichts.


What a cute little vintage trash can! Check out this Vintage Rubbermaid Blue Atomic Trash Can from seller starglyphs.


Oh my gosh, it’s the perfect pink new old stock comb set! Check out this Vintage Retro New Old Stock 3 Piece 1950s Pink Comb Set from seller diamond108108.


I’ve seen a lot of vintage mailboxes, but I’ve never seen a perforated metal one before…..fabulous!!! Check out this Vintage Retro Decorative Mid Century Modern Metal Wall Mount Mailbox from seller queensign.


Whoa……………….this table is amaze-balls!!!! All those stars……SO dreamy! The seller does not mention shipping in the description, but he does have a phone number listed so if you are interested I’d give him a call and see if you could work something out. If nothing else, I know you could get uShip to pick it up and ship it out! Check out this Vintage Retro Atomic Starburst Dinette Table from seller nursecarlotta.


Totally cute vintage wallpaper……..little fish and seashells…..it doesn’t get any better! Check out this Vintage 1950s Fish and Sea Life Retro Wallpaper from seller  eclectic-addict.


Oooohhhhhh, pink Kromex……so cool and so hard to find! Check out this Vintage 1950s Pink Kromex Aluminum Canister Set from seller brucetucker1957.


And wow, what would go better with the pink Kromex than a pink poodle mixer cover!!! Love!!! Check out this Vintage 1950s Pink New Old Stock Dora May Mixer Appliance Cover from seller vwmayo.


My favorite vintage fabric ever……..frieze……..SO awesome!!!! Just think of all the fun you could have with this! Check out this Vintage Retro Atomic Turquoise Frieze Upholstery Fabric from seller cooperbird.


Have you been looking for some fab-o vintage door escutcheons? If so, these might be just what you need! Check out these Vintage Retro Diamond Shape Door Escutcheons from seller giginiello.


I think these vintage stacking tables are super-duper neat-o, and wow – you get 6 tables in this auction…..just think of all the options! Check out this Vintage Retro Mid Century Modern 1950s 1960s Biltmore Stacking Table Set from seller lightnin48640.


So, so sweet – vintage lamb chalkware plaques still in the original box! Check out these Vintage Miller Studio Chalkware Lamb Plaques In Original Box from seller graybarn.


And, if lamb plaques aren’t quite your thing maybe these poodle plaques are! Check out these Vintage Miller Studio Chalkware French Poodle Plaques In Original Box from seller meandmyvintage.


What a perfect little soap dish for any kitchen – retro or not! Check out this Vintage Retro Kitchen Soap Dish from seller wildirishrose90.


Here is just one of the ultra FABULOUS paintings being offered by El Gato Gomez this week! Check out this El Gato Gomez Mid Century Modern Retro Googie Abstract Painting and be sure to check out all of the other great paintings by El Gato Gomez too!


You must check out this FAB Vintage 1966 Belart Lighted San Francisco Bay Picture from seller tmgolfcas.


Eeeeeeeeeee! A poodle trash can……so sweet! Check out this Vintage 1950s Retro French Poodle Waste Basket from seller delisciousvintage.


And finally, wow……you simply must check out this AMAZING Vintage 1930s Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Linoleum Floor Covering Rug from seller rhinestoneman. I know the price may seem a bit high, but these are Rare…..with a capital R! How completely cool, what an amazing piece!


Have a great weekend y’all!




*Disclaimer: No Pattern Required is part of the eBay Partner Network, and that means that when you click on our eBay links we may earn a very small commission.

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