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July 16, 2013

Decorating Ideas and Color Trends

by Betty Crafter

I was going to show you my finished sundress today, but the nonstop rain has foiled my photography plans. So, instead, I give you Summer 1968’s Decorating Ideas and Color Trends!


First of all, I LOVE the white house with robin’s egg blue accents! The shingle roof sets it off nicely too. Speaking of exterior house ideas:


So, obviously I love the bright turquoise house at the bottom. How great of an idea is it to trim one shade darker than the main color? But I think my favorite house on this page is the top left. The white paint and yellow shutters just goes perfectly with the pink brick. Plus I love me a split level.


Squee!! A Tiffany blue ceiling with white beams! Will someone with a beamed ceiling please do this in their house? I also love the eclectic mix of modern, beach, and colonial styles in this room.


Ok, there’s clearly a lot to love in this room besides the coral and red painted walls. First of all, red and green and it doesn’t look Christmas-y! Let’s drool over the seating for a moment, shall we? How about that red chair? I’m already mentally curling up there with a book and a glass of wine. Oh wait – I think I’d rather stretch out on that green chaise that is built into the brick planter wall!! What happened to all the built in furniture of the mid century? Did everyone pull it out in the 80s and 90s?

Ok, get ready to have your DIY minds blown, because these cutie-patootie lawn stools are two tire rims bolted together and painted! Doesn’t that make you want to head out to the salvage yard? And how about that vinyl daisy fabric? *drool*

So what did we learn today from the summer color trends of 1968? Well my biggest take away is that accenting with a shade up or down is a lovely idea (turquoise house and red/coral room). I never would have considered that before. Also – painted ceilings! Yay! Now go out there and up-cycle yourself some lawn furniture 1968 style!

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One Response to Decorating Ideas and Color Trends

  1. tammyCA Reply

    July 16, 2013 at 1:49 am

    The Tiffany blue ceiling and white beams is very cool as is the turquoise house. ‘Course, I love all aqua/turquoise anything.

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