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August 5, 2013

Jacquie’s 1959 Woodland Brown and Turquoise Hotpoint Fridge Needs A New Home!

By RetroRuth

Does anyone need a fab vintage fridge that needs a little loving?

vintage_Hotpoint_fridge_002 (2)

I recently received and email from reader Jacquie about a vintage fridge she is desperate to find a vintage-loving home for. Jacquie writes:

Let me tell you about my dilemma. I was going to give Sara in AZ a 1959 Hotpoint fridge, and at the time it was running, but we unplugged it to clean and move it and I had to let her know it was no longer cooling after we plugged it back in. I think she had wanted to possibly give it to her Mom for her condo, but since it was no longer in working condition, she passed. I totally understand and was in contact with her to tell her we would still keep it and get it fixed up, it has been about 7 or 8 months.
What I want to do is let someone from the blog have it if they can pick it up, we can’t get around to it repairing it now. We want the old girl to have a chance at a new life in someone’s Tiki Bar or Retro game room. These old machines are simple, and if they are willing to have it repaired, I’m pretty sure it will still give lots of years of service. I have not had anyone look at it to let me know the problem though, so I haven’t any info in that area to pass on, it would be up to them to do whatever. I want it to go to someone who will appreciate it and not to the junkyard!! It’s too cute. My husband and I have too many projects going right now and I am now willing to let her go for free. Maybe you can help get her a new home, and a fix up. It is called “Woodland Brown”, and has most of the insides, but not all.Glen and I would be so happy if this little gem could find a place in someone’s heart. She’s TOO nice to just sit here. She has a little wear, as most things that age, but that is the charm of old appliances, and looks awesome polished up with liquid gold. It is also not frost free in the freezer, but to be honest, when I was using the fridge it was not an issue. I actually used it for quite some time, we found it at an estate sale in Phoenix about 3 years ago.
It will probably have to be someone in the general vicinity, it would be terribly expensive to ship, unless they knew of someone who could transport.
Thought maybe you could help.

Thanks so much,
Jacquie and Glen

vintage Hotpoint refrigerator pic (2)

Of course, my heart went out to Jacquie and her little Woodland Brown Hotpoint. She is willing to give away this fridge (for free!) to someone who can transport it and who will promise to give this pretty girl and new life of fabulous vintage-ness! When I emailed Jacquie back to let her know I would love to post her story on the blog, she replied:

Oh, you guys are the best! I’ve been feeling so guilty about the old gal! Hopefully it will be in a much more useful state soon. I sent you a copy of the original ad of the pink one, mine is just like that one. Wish I had more money and time! But I’m working on getting a turquoise 1964 Hotpoint Custom refrigerator back running again and can’t do both.
It is a pretty pinkish brown, with 2 turquoise colored swing-out shelves. The top deli drawer is there, but the bottom crisper drawers are missing, with a couple of stains in the enamel on the bottom and door. The crisper drawers weren’t with it when we bought it.
Hope it works out. Craigslist only gets me calls from scrappers looking to make a buck…forget it!!
Wouldn’t it be great in a Tiki Bar for ice and drinks? Sooo cute. That was my hope, but… The dimensions are approximately 27inches deep, with back coil and handle, 31inches wide, and about 64 1/2-65 inches tall, It is not a huge fridge.
Thank you for helping.

59_hotpoint_fridge (2)

Here are some pics Jacquie sent me of the inside of the fridge. What a cutie!

vintage_Hotpoint_fridge_004 (2)

vintage_Hotpoint_fridge_005 (2)

So, what do you say, guys? Is there someone out there who wants to give this fridge a new home and a new life? Email me at ruth@nopatternrequired.com and I will forward your information on to Jacquie!

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4 Responses to Jacquie’s 1959 Woodland Brown and Turquoise Hotpoint Fridge Needs A New Home!

  1. Eartha Kitsch Reply

    August 5, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Will pass the word. Is it still in Phoenix?

    • RetroRuth Reply

      August 5, 2013 at 4:01 pm

      Yes! Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Sara In AZ Reply

    August 5, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    Awwwww, I’m still bummed that it did not work out Jacquie…..seems like it would have been the perfect size for Mom’s condo too.

    *fingers crossed* that it finds the right home soon!!!

  3. Jacqueline Yunker Reply

    April 4, 2014 at 10:12 am

    Hey gals,
    Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I found a couple to take the fridge, and he does restoring. He was happy to have her.
    I am happy too, because we bought another house and had to move, and I didn’t want to move the fridge with me so it worked out really well. We found a ’72 ranch in Mesa Az. It’s about 1700 sq ft, give or take a few and needed a lot of work, still does…but it is definitely coming along. I hope Sara can find her dream home soon, prices are going up. We are very happy to find this cute house, and be able to keep our other tiny 60’s ranch house and rent it to my son. Good things are worth the wait, we took 5 1/2 years to get to this point, and living in 1100 sq ft was hard, but we did it…now I have some room to stretch out, and the house is very affordable for us. Thank you ALL for all the good “thoughts” going out for the little Hotpoint fridge, she is in good hands! Now you can take down the post.

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