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September 24, 2013

Tuesday Etsy Roundup – Party Down With Vivian! Edition

By Eartha Kitsch

When we left Vivian last week, she had just finished decorating her home for her big “coming out in color” bash. After spending her whole life scared of anything that didn’t resemble beige, she had managed to really liven up her apartment with some great Etsy finds. This week, we’ll see the fruits of all of that  planning come to fruition!

Upon receiving the party invitations, Vivian’s friends and family felt a little off-balance. The invitations were so bright and fun and well, that was something that Vivian had never been. She had always been the predictable one with her plain note cards and not-so-eye-catching handwritten script. She was never one to even attend a party, nor less throw one! They worried about her welfare. And to be honest, they dreaded attending the party. Before even landing on her doorstep that night, they had already individually planned their early escapes of “I have to get up early in the morning for a big meeting!” and “Oh, I think I have the stomach flu! Won’t you excuse me?” They truly couldn’t see a party at Vivian’s house (something that had never happened before in the history of Vivian) being anything other than a big bland, snooze fest. Oh, but they were wrong!

Vivian’s home looked incredible from front door to back door, leaving those very guests dazed and confused…..and well, delighted. Holy heck! She had records spinning and a disco ball in the foyer! Confetti machines made the ceilings rain with colored bits of paper. And Vivian had hung these beautiful vintage honeycomb garlands from TinselandTrinkets all over the house:



The party looked like a million bucks at the end of a rainbow! And so did Vivian. Though her guests had previously worried about her, they now admired her. Their memories of the previous incarnation of Vivian slipped out of their minds as she sashayed through the rooms of her apartment  in this incredible pretty-in-pink party dress from seller xtabayvintage:


The brilliant color of the dress was only rivaled by the glow on Vivian’s face. She was the consummate hostess mixed with a bit of debutante making her debut. Her family looked at each other slack-jawed. They had known Vivian since day one and she’d never looked so young and alive. She buzzed from party guest to party guest with sparkling eyes. Also sparkling was the beautiful necklace and earring set that she got from seller RebeccasVintageSalon:


Just stunning! The pink stones matched her incredible dress and the blue stones? They matched her eyes! Her ex-boyfriends (the very ones who’d broken it off with poor Vivian quite fast in her previous days) just happened to finally notice that her eyes were the most beautiful blue – just like the brightest sky or a beautiful ocean. They wondered how they’d never noticed before. Who was this lovely creature? They all clamored for her attention and the chance to take a spin with her around the foyer-turned-dance floor. And spin is just what Vivian did in these incredible vintage shoes from seller coralvintage:


Why, those silk shoes were a party in themselves with the cute stripes and razzle-dazzle on the peep-toes! Vivian only changed out of her lovely dream dress and heels when the party games came out. She slipped into this great pantsuit from seller rumors:


 With the cute pinstripe top and adorable bow at the waist, and the color and fabric of the billowy pants mirroring her party dress, Vivian continued to be a true vision. Did I mention her beautiful red lipstick and the mile-high bouffant that she’d gotten earlier in the day at Tammy Jo’s  Hair Connection?  Just as she should have been, she was the center of attention.   Her coworkers sat with jaws agape at how different Vivian was from what they’d remembered,  before she suddenly declared over the phone that she’d be taking every sick day and vacation day that she hadn’t used in her fifteen years on the job. “So THIS is what has been keeping her busy!” her boss thought, remembering how Vivian used to stay late every night and never take breaks to primp like the other girls did.

Vivian led a couple of conga lines through the apartment and then, you guessed it! Limbo! She’d picked up this rousing album from seller VinylRecordBarn:



The limbo rhythms played as each and every stunned family member, weary coworker and lovestruck ex-boyfriend was forced by Vivian to take a turn at the limbo pole before watching her wiggle beneath the bar as limp as a very joyous, reborn noodle. Even though most parties would have been winding down by that point, she kept the shindig going by cheerfully encouraging each one of her guest with her infection smile and wit. She made everyone feel like not only was this night a party – but that every bit of life was as well!  And before long, she was getting out the vintage Twister game that she’d found in the shop of seller TheGamesAreHere:



While her party guests were twisting like pretzels in the living room floor (her ex-beaus working their hardest to contort to impress Vivian, a couple of them completely throwing out their backs), she sneaked away to her bedroom and locked the door behind her. As she sat at her vanity and stared at herself in the mirror, she remembered the old Vivian. The girl who would have never owned a dazzling blush pink dress or hostess pantsuit and who certainly never would have bought anything as impractical as the silk shoes that she was donning. She smiled a big smile and the revelers on the other side of the wall never had a clue as she turned on her chair and  picked up the flowery suitcase that she’d bought for just this occasion from seller TheVintageResource:


It was heavy under her grasp – for that suitcase you see, was stuffed to the very brim with all of her beautiful bright new belongings. She climbed down the rusty old fire escape and down onto the street, stopping for just a moment to hear the laughter and music from above – from her very own apartment. An apartment that once was so dreary and drab and not fit for a girl with such life in her blood. Where before, she could have only imagined the hostess who would throw such a grand affair, now that hostess was her. Vivian’s guests hadn’t yet realized that she’d slipped away as she quietly placed her suitcase in the car, followed by the carrier containing her kitty Maxine (who now wore the cutest red rhinestone collar and little painted pink toenails).

Before she drove away, she snapped open her purse and saw the fresh new passport and a series of plane tickets. Soon Vivian and Maxine would be staring at cotton candy colored sunsets on tropical beaches and the wide blue skies against lush green mountain ranges. She had some time to make up for and that once drab world that she lived in had now been revealed to her for what it was – a beautiful place where every color under the sun had a place. And her place was there.

~The End ~

(Or as Vivian likes to call it: “The Beginning“)

Well, we certainly wish Vivian and Maxine well on their bright new adventures! One can’t help but wonder how long those party guests stayed before realizing that she was gone, filtering down onto the street with their hair full of confetti, wondering if the old Vivian had ever happened at all.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the items from Vivian’s party and other great finds from the included Etsy sellers, please click on the links to their shops in the story above!


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4 Responses to Tuesday Etsy Roundup – Party Down With Vivian! Edition

  1. Sara In AZ Reply

    September 24, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Oh gosh……that pink dress…..I die!!!

    Whoooo-Hooooo – good on you Vivian for taking off on the trip of your dreams!!!

    My only disappointment besides not actually being invited to the party……..not seeing pics of Maxine in a ‘Christian Le Claw’ outfit! 🙂

  2. Barbara Reply

    September 24, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    The only time I really regret not being stick thin is when I see pink dresses like that. Or blue ones, green ones…

    I’m so glad Vivian colored up!

  3. Ronda Reply

    September 24, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Oh, that dress! I love it. My mom had that same suitcase, only in a turquoise and green print. My daughter loved it and my mom let her have it. I remembered it from when I was a kid, but I couldn’t remember whose it was. Great post. 🙂

  4. RetroRuth Reply

    September 24, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    I am such a sucker for vintage games! Love it!!

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