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October 10, 2013

Ulster Weavers Offers Up Some Retro Cool and Kitschy Kitchen Linens

By Sara In AZ

Y’all know me……I am always scanning eBay for cool retro finds – and not ALL of those retro finds have to be (technically) vintage! I was recently searching on eBay when I accidentally stumbled upon a company called Ulster Weavers. Here are some comments from their website:

Ulster Weavers Home Fashions is a home textiles company based in Holywood, Northern Ireland. The company can trace its history back to the nineteenth century.

The Ulster Weaving Company was originally founded in 1880. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th century, the Company continued to spin, weave, bleach and finish the high quality linen for which Ireland and Ulster had become famous the world over.

During the 1960’s the Ulster Weaving company brought these years of textile expertise to the kitchen textile sector – specializing at first in Irish Linen Tea Towels and over the years expanding the range to include all types of kitchen co-ordinates, bags and giftware.

The Ulster Weaving Company was divided into Ulster Weavers Home Fashions and Ulster Weavers Apparel in 1990.

UW Home Fashions prides itself on the production of high quality linen and textile products. Every product is designed in Northern Ireland and the company still relies on the knowledge 125 years in the production of textiles. To meet the demands of a 21st century market, production takes place in various sites throughout the world, but the process and the quality of the end product is still controlled in Northern Ireland.

For the last 800 years, British Monarchs have bestowed the royal warrant on companies providing goods and services to members of the royal family for more than five years. The royal warrant is a mark of excellence and is highly regarded both within the UK and abroad. As evidence to our commitment to quality, Ulster Weavers Home Fashions has held the royal warrant as suppliers of kitchen textiles to Queen Elizabeth II since 1995.

Today, Ulster Weavers Home Fashions is a family business with a worldwide reach. Our products are sold, not only in the UK and Ireland, but throughout the world.

Maybe I am late to the party, as I had never heard of Ulster Weavers before….but as you can see they have been around for a long, long time….AND they even supply Queen Elizabeth with kitchen linens! Color me impressed!

So what does Ulster Weavers have to offer you ask? What is all the excitement about??? Well, let’s all check out just a few of their FAB kitchen textiles right now!

I am sure Queen Elizabeth had to be quite pleased with this tea towel commemorating her 60th anniversary as Queen. From seller robtrade100.

HM Queen Elizabeth II 60TH Coronation 2013 Souvenir Tea Towel by Ulster Weavers


How about this very ‘modern’ looking tea towel advertising the London Olympic Games last year – I love those colors! From seller robtrade100.

London Olympics 2012 Souvenir Tea Towel by Ulster Weavers


I super love this fun and colorful tea towel, it completely reminds me of a vintage Tammis Keefe design. From seller dvdet.

Ulster Weavers UK Cat Tea Party Teatowel Towel Cupcakes NWT Linda Edwards

I have to say that for as much as I adore the towels above, I am MOST excited about the ‘Oodles of Poodles’ line Ulster Weavers did for the British Confectionary Hope and Greenwood. Here is what Miss Hope from Hope and Greenwood had to say about the line:

Miss Hope says, “I have always wanted to create a poodle print, so cute, so chic, so very 1950s.” Well, Miss Hope, I’d have to say you surely hit the nail on the head with this great print!

You must check out these fabulous kitschy kitchen textiles all from seller dvdet!

Ulster Weavers UK Oodles of Poodles Dog Tea Cosy Cozy Cosie NWT Hope & Greenwood


Ulster Weavers UK Oodles of Poodles Dog Retro Cotton Apron NWT Hope & Greenwood



Ulster Weavers UK Oodles Poodles Dog Oven Mitt & Pot Holder NWT Hope Greenwood


And finally…….my very, very, very favorite piece in all the collection – the Oodles of Poodles tea towel! *Squee* I ADORE this towel for SO many reasons! First – it has a GREAT retro print, Second – it’s new so you don’t have to worry about destroying that prized vintage towel you spent SOOOO much money on, Third – it actually looks like it could be vintage, Fourth – we can order as many as we want! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ulster Weavers UK Oodles Poodles Dog Retro Cotton Tea Towel NWT Hope Greenwood


You just know that I HAD to order a couple of towels being the 1950s poodle fanatic that I am…..I could hardly wait for the towels to arrive in the mail! I was a teeny-tiny bit nervous that the fabric the towel was made out of would be thin or flimsy feeling – I am happy to report that is not the case at all.


The towels are a heavier weight 100% cotton towel that wash up perfectly! Whoo- Hooo!!!

I know it is crazy to be so excited about kitchen towels, but I seriously love these to bits!

Click HERE to see all the current eBay auctions offering Ulster Weavers goods.


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4 Responses to Ulster Weavers Offers Up Some Retro Cool and Kitschy Kitchen Linens

  1. RetroRuth Reply

    October 10, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Oh my gosh, these are SO freaking cute!

  2. Andrea Reply

    October 10, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Totally cute! I think I’ve seen Ulster Weavers advertised in Vintage Life magazine before, but I never had the chance to check them out – glad to hear that they are good quality, too!

  3. Eartha Kitsch Reply

    October 10, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Oh my goodness!! Those poodles prancing around on everything? just so adorable! What an interesting story about them too. Thanks for sharing!

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