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October 11, 2013

Vintage Sewing eBay Roundup!

by Andrea

This week, we’re all about the hats!  I love to wear a hat come fall – not just strictly for warmth, but because I love the look as well.  Here’s some fantastic vintage hat patterns from eBay!

First up, this fantastic Vintage McCALL #1571 1940's HAT SCARF PURSE HANDBAG BAG Pattern



I find this pattern intriguing because it’s really not a style of hat that you see anything similar to at all today.  I especially love the top view in the leopard print!

Next, we have this great Vintage 1950's VOGUE HAT PATTERN



This pattern definitely says 60’s, no?  I especially like the top view that looks like a slightly more structured version of a head scarf – I bet it’s really flattering on many head shapes and sizes!

Next, we have this VTG Simplicity RETRO 70's Misses Set of Hats Cap Visor Pattern



This hat definitely says 70’s, but I really like the view in the top left/bottom right – it’s really cute, and could definitely be very wearable today!

Then we have this Vintage 1974 Pattern for Misses' WIDE BRIM HAT



The wide brimmed hat is another look that definitely says 70’s – this is definitely a style of hat that I totally love.  I especially love the top left view with the large flower.

Next up, we have this Vintage Simplicity Pattern, #6274, Child's and girls' set of hats



Something for the little girls!  Any of these hats would be utterly adorable on any girl of today!

And finally, we have this Vintage UNCUT Butterick Teen Dress & Hat Sewing Pattern



Anyone know any teens who are in to vintage?  This has got to be the cutest look ever!

Anyone ever tried their hand at making hats before?  I’d love to hear about it!


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