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October 18, 2013

Vintage Sewing eBay Roundup

by Andrea

We’re going mod this week!  Check out some of these awesome mod eBay finds, perfect to spruce up your wardrobe.

First up, this Uncut 60s VTG Simplicity 7868 Lined Mod Retro Coat Pattern



I love the plaid view on this pattern – it would make such an awesome fall coat!  I would totally need to seek out a hat like the one in the illustration, though!

Next, we have thisVntg 1966 Japanese Dressmaking OVERSEAS EDITION Fab Mod Fashions with patterns



I found this one to be quite unusual – I’ve never seen a Japanese sewing book before.  It’s also got the text in English, so it could be a great buy – be sure to look at the other pictures in the listing as well, as there is some super cute mod dresses!

Then, we have this Vintage Mod Dress Pattern



I love wearing dresses – especially since you don’t have to think about outfit coordination, put it on and you’re done!  I especially love the look with the scarf/turban accessorizing.  She looks so chic, but it really would be an easy look to wear!

Next, we have this Vintage 1960s crochet pattern



This might be the one of the cutest mother/daughter looks I have ever seen!  This one isn’t a sewing pattern, but instead a crochet one.  If I wasn’t the slowest crocheter in the world, I would definitely be snapping this one up!

Check out this VOGUE Paris Original Pattern



I love these Vogue couturier patterns – this one is Givenchy!  The colour blocking on the coat is fantastic.

Finally, we have this MOD A Line Dress w/ Detach Collar Pattern



I love that this is one dress, but a whole bunch of different detachable collars.  You can really get a ton of different looks out of one dress!

Anyone out there planning any mod-inspired wardrobe additions?  I’d love to hear about it!


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