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November 5, 2013

Tuesday Etsy Roundup – Talkin’ Turkey Edition

By Eartha Kitsch

Well, Halloween is behind us and now the holiday season will continue to fly by! Here in the United States, we have just a wee bit over three weeks until Thanksgiving. One thing that I’m thankful for? Vintage holiday items. They’re one of my favorite things about the holiday seasons and  yes, you guessed it! This week’s roundup is about fun Thanksgiving themed items!

First up, let’s see some great decor items like this perfect pairing from seller lookwhatifound:


This adorable pilgrim couple are from the seventies and would add a lot of Thanksgiving spirit to any wall or door. They call this material “popcorn” but it’s actually a plastic that is formed to take on a similar texture as its namesake. I can remember these popcorn decor items from bulletin boards in my childhood classrooms. Some serious nostalgia!

Speaking of bulletin board memories, I can never see the old die cuts without thinking of being a kid and being so excited when my teachers decorated the holiday bulletin boards, like this old timey turkey from seller grandmothersattic:


Look at the pretty saturated colors. You really can’t get any more classic Thanksgiving than that guy!

Next up, from seller WanderingCreekJewels you’ll find one of my favorite holiday collectibles: Gurley Candles:


This set of Gurley candles is beautiful. I’d never seen these tall versions before. I know that a lot of us see the Gurley candles around but have never known anything about the history of them. I found this brief history of their start on Wikipedia:

At first the Gurley line was commissioned by the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (now ExxonMobile) as a way to reuse excess paraffin produced as a by-product of the oil refinery process. Gurley’s first products were marketed under the name Tavern. The product line consisted of wax lips and teeth, as well as a limited number of small candle figures in holiday shapes such as ghosts, pilgrims, and Santa Claus.  By the late 1940s the company’s business was almost exclusively novelty candles. In 1949 Franklin Gurley bought the rights to the Tavern brand, and changed the name to the Gurley Novelty Company.

Wax lips and teeth! Although I do love those, I’m glad that the company went the waaay cuter route with the holiday candles like the three above.

Another classic Thanksgiving decor item would have to be the honeycomb pieces like these from seller ShaneLilyRain:


I have a few of these large turkeys and I promise that you can’t bring much more old school Thanksgiving charm than one of those guys. I love the pumpkins with this set and I’ve never seen the tiny turkey before. I love his little expression! These would look great marching down the center of any Thanksgiving table.

Speaking of the holiday table, another classic item to give thanks for are the great enamel trays like this one by seller theuniquebird:


I really love the bright punchy colors on this tray and Mr. Turkey is pretty great too! He looks pretty fat and happy!

While we’re on the topic of the festive Thanksgiving table, I just love these napkin rings from seller AtomicVault:


They come in a set of eight so they’d make fabulous statement pieces on a dinner table. I think that the color and glaze are so Fall-like too!

Since we’re on a table decor roll, I just had to show you these adorable placemats by seller WelcomeHomeVintage:


Okay, I can’t get over what a great idea these are. You see, her apron and his pants are actually the napkins that go with the placemats! Just pull them out and you’re ready for dinner! This is a set of two with a Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim. So adorable!

Want to invite some friends over to see your awesome Thanksgiving decorations…um, I mean to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast? How about using these super cute invitations from seller bostonbaglady:


I know I’d find it pretty cool to get a Thanksgiving party invite like these in the mail. What a sweet little pilgrim and turkey friend!

Okay, I think that I’ve finally realized what I like even more than tofurkey and stuffing: cute turkeys. I’m pretty sure that turkeys hate Thanksgiving in a pretty big way but I do like to imagine that there is some whimsical world where turkeys just waddle along through Thanksgiving Land, staying in one piece with smiles on their faces. And these invitations paint a pretty sweet picture! I mean, the turkey is wearing a top hat! Hello, Thanksgiving nirvana.

While we’re on the topic of whimsical turkeys, you have just GOT to see this card from seller  VintageTinsel:



Just look at that guy! He’s so happy! I’ll make you click on the shop link to see how the card turns out. I’ll just say that it’s fantastic.  I’d also like to take this time to wonder why more people don’t send out funny Thanksgiving cards. Hmm…

Finally, I’ll leave you with this fun photograph from seller dinosaurphotoarchive:


You can’t get more festive than turkey carving in your pajamas! And wait a minute…I do believe that he’s missing his pants!  To each his own, I say. Some people are thankful for pants and some people are thankful for a good breeze! I’m thankful for this awesome photo. Maybe the gent here had seen the fantastic placemat above with the pilgrim’s pants that come off to form a table napkin!

Thanks for checking out my Thanksgiving themed roundup. If you’re interested in learning more about the items shown here, be sure and click on the shop links in the post and give the sellers some love! Gobble, gobble y’all!



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5 Responses to Tuesday Etsy Roundup – Talkin’ Turkey Edition

  1. Sara In AZ Reply

    November 5, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    I love those plastic pilgrims….totally reminds me of my childhood too….I always think it’s funny how “popcorn” became a descriptor for these decorations!

    And those Gurley candles are amazeballs! Great picks!

  2. Jason Reply

    November 5, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    I love the honeycomb unfoldable decor too, but I think I’ll keep buying them at the dollar store:)

  3. Andrea Reply

    November 5, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Those napkin rings are fantastic! And that photo is hilarious, who needs pants when you’re carving a turkey, LOL

  4. Jen Reply

    November 6, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    “Thou art invited…” Oh, I love that. And the candles! Those would make any Thanksgiving table look absolutely perfect.

  5. rae Reply

    November 7, 2013 at 12:26 am

    such a good round up! and i screamed outloud when i saw that that last guy wasn’t wearing his pants, carving a turkey in his pj top! i would LOVE to know the story! i bet his wife was cackling when she took that photo! incredible!

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