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December 3, 2013

Tuesday Etsy Roundup – Ho! Ho! Holiday Sponsor Spotlight

By Eartha Kitsch

This week’s roundup is dedicated to our beloved Etsy sponsors here at No Pattern Required. I thought that it would be fun to go on a little imaginary shopping trip through their great shops and pick out some items that would be fun for the holiday season!


First up, one of my favorite things about the holiday season are bright, colorful blow molds. This pair of Santas from seller AtomicVault is just the thing!


You very seldom see new blow molds these day so it’s so much fun to have guys like these around. I know that they definitely make me feel like a kid again! Keep both or share one as a gift – either way, this Santa pair would approve and add you to the “nice” list.

Seller shoutout makes some absolutely incredible cards. I think that my favorite would definitely have to be this one with the little kitty checking herself out in the ornament.


So cute, right? This card as well as the others in stock at Shoutout definitely play into the vintage loving sensibilities of those of us who like things to be just a little more special.

Are any of you going to holiday parties this year? It’s fair to say that of all times, parties are the right time to seriously turn up the bling! This ring from seller PurpleDaisyJewelry is just perfect for that.


I love the bright pink stones and the raised design of the ring. I have to also admit that a lot of ladies would love to see this under the tree too! Hint, Hint to you, Mr. Kringle.

Speaking of holiday parties, how many of you will be going to potluck lunches and dinners this year? You want to know one way to make your dish stand out from the others? Make it gorgeous like this lidded gilded dish from seller ChicVintageGoods:


You can’t get more mid-century fabulous than the combo of gold and turquoise and besides making your food item look more special, you won’t have to be involved in the throng of people struggling to figure out which casserole dish is theirs at the end of the party. It’s a win-win and a pretty one at that!

Being a holiday decor lover, I can’t help but get excited when I find a new Christmas item that I’ve never seen before. Add lights to it and well, double excitement! This poinsettia from seller FrenchToastKitty fits both of those bills!


Look at those beautiful chenille blooms and stems! And when was the last time that you saw a poinsettia that lights up? Fab-u-lous! This would look stunning on an entry table or anywhere that your home needs a little extra fa-la-la.

Another fun item that I’d never seen before is this honeycomb angel from seller grandmothersattic:


She’s so pretty in her pink trimmed robe and did you see her little mod eyelashes? Glorious!

And finally, from seller MadgesHatBox, take a look at these sparkling earrings that would be perfect for the holidays!


I’ve always heard that if you want to make those photos (holiday ones especially) extra special, wear something sparkly and colorful up next to your face. This pair of earrings would do wonders for any gal’s complexion with stones in the classic colors of the season.

Thanks for doing a little window shopping with me! If you’re interested in any of these items or would just like to take a peek at the shops of our Etsy sponsors, be sure and click on the links above! You can also reach them by clicking on the links in the sidebar of the page.  Happy December everyone!


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2 Responses to Tuesday Etsy Roundup – Ho! Ho! Holiday Sponsor Spotlight

  1. Sara In AZ Reply

    December 3, 2013 at 11:48 am

    I have an absolute fascination with vintage chenille decorations, I just think they are absolutely lovely…those poinsettias are FAB! And I could not agree more about the blow molds – love them to bits! And those cards are just awesome! Love all your finds girl!!!

  2. Colleen/Allen Reply

    December 5, 2013 at 1:16 am

    Thank you very much for adding our adorable vintage santas to your Tuesday Etsy Roundup! We are proud to be one of your sponsors,love visiting the time capsule portion to see houses from back in the day like our little mcm home is becoming more and more everyday.

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