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December 30, 2014

More Vintage (looking) Polaroid Land Camera Pictures

By Sara In AZ

Here are a few more Polaroid Land Camera Pictures from our trips out and about. We took all the pictures with the Land Camera that was gifted to us from Ruth and Tom.


This camera takes such interesting shots – though it only has the most basic of settings. I try my best to get the lighting right, but as you will see it doesn’t always come out as planned. And, this is an old camera so there are going to be white spots on the final pictures….nothing I can do about that!

All of these pictures were taken a while back during a road trip.

And just a side note – the watermarks in the middle are a necessary evil when I post images like this on the internet….sorry y’all!

The Gage Fun Center is located in Topeka Kansas, I love that they were still using this vintage neon sign!


The neon lit up.



The Western Holiday Motel is located in Wichita Kansas….gotta love that huge cowboy sign!



Tepee Curios is located in Tucumcari New Mexico, what a cute shop!



I hope that y’all enjoyed the pictures!

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