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August 19, 2016

Retro Planner Series – Vintage Campers!

By RetroRuth

Welcome back to another retro planner week! This week my highlighted vintage theme is vintage campers and a good, old-fashioned road trip.


This looks so clean compared to what these pages look like now, at the end of the week! I filled this one up completely.


I’d have to say my favorite deco elements are the vintage camper images. They are so cute!


Washi is from:Affiliate Links

Blue Polka Dot and Red Plaid Washi are from Hobby Lobby, but you can get samples at MyPlannerSupplies on Etsy.

The top tape with the blue and turquoise is from LoveMyTapes and you can get it here, but just to let you know my roll was mostly stuck to itself and it was work to get any useable tape off it. Which is sad because it is such a great pattern!

The wood grain tape is also from LoveMyTapes on Etsy, and that roll is just fine.


Graphics and Stickers are from:

Happy Camper Beach Squares from RetrofairGraphics on Etsy

Retro camping stickers from a current Wendy’s kid’s meal (seriously!)

Road Trip Stickers by Sticko. You can see them on Amazon here, but I bought them at my local Meijer grocery store for $1.99!

The animal stickers are the Forest Masking Sticker set from Zakkalover on Etsy.

The Yellowstone Park sticker from the Vintage Pattern Stamp Sticker Set.

The family driving sticker from Vintage Lovely Child, Vol. 3 from Zakkalover on Etsy.

Red starburst paper background is from my collection, and purchased about 6 (!) years ago!


Planner Info:

My basic planner is the Monthly Planner from PlumPaperDesigns on Etsy.

The social icon stamps are from MemoriesandPasttimes on Etsy.Affiliate Links

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One Response to Retro Planner Series – Vintage Campers!

  1. Sara In AZ Reply

    August 19, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Oh my gosh…SO cute! Ahhhhhhhh, I’ve been dreaming about a road trip lately….we haven’t been on one in years…hopefully someday soon!

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