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August 24, 2016

Weekly Vintage and Retro Inspiration – Week 2

By RetroRuth

Time for another fun-filled, eye-candy packed inspiration post. Thank you to everyone who sent me something amazing this week. I loved everything, and please be sure to keep it coming!

This week on Instagram, midcenturylush scored pretty much the perfect vintage fridge for her kitchen!Affiliate Links

Here she is all moved in. General Electric "No Frost 15" from 1965 in Holiday Turquoise. I'm in love. ✨#vintage #vintagefridge #holidayturquoise #1965

If you have been looking for a pair of high-waisted dungarees, these super fab ones are on clearance at NicoleKatherine on Etsy.


And can we talk about these overalls???


Did you know that the craft store Michaels has started stocking retro typewriters? And one of them is pink?

I have to admit, I’m kinda tempted. It retails for $200, but Michaels always has 40% and 50% coupons floating around.

I’m really enjoying the Instagram account of Rustopia Consulting in Des Moines, IA. Something so lovely about retro-inspired decorating! They specialize in showcasing collections. And yes, I am a total sucker for this paint by number wall!

I haven't had any clients with built-ins for a while. Can't wait to put these wrapped {and unwrapped} books to use in a fireplace surround on Friday! #rustopiaconsulting #interiordecoratingdesmoinesiowa #maximizeyourhomespotential #design #uniquepersonalhome #decor #decorating #staging #personalshopper #home #lifestyleconsultant #atouchofrustopia #rustopiansociety

This gorgeous waiting room was shared by Gregg on our Facebook page. It is the waiting room of his childhood eye doctor!


How did I not know about Hicksville Pines in Idyllwild, CA?  Check out the Honeymoon Suite!


I’m pretty sure that is a heart-shaped bathtub.

Psst…they also have a trailer park motel in Joshua Tree!


Another fantastic submission from our Facebook page, here is reader Zerica’s crafted poodle bathroom accessories after being inspired by Sara in AZ’s poodle soap dispenser post!


To keep the poodle goodness rolling, here are some pictures Sara in AZ took at a recent estate sale that she went to. Poodle. Tiles. What’s not to love?



To continue the poodle theme for one moment, here is an adorable chalkware poodle from Sara in AZ’s store, Museum of Kitsch on Etsy!


And In case you wanted a great starburst shade for your bathroom, here is one from seller eclectics-inc on eBay.


Another cool eBay find, a double starburst towel ring from eBay seller garpike3!


And, just because I like saving the kitschiest cute until last – here the ultra fantastic Jumping For Pineapple cardigan from Miss Ladybug California.


Seriously, so, so cute.  Take your time and stroll around that site for awhile. It is just filled with adorable retro everything.

Have you been vintage-inspired this week? Send me pics of your crafts, your finds, your buys, your items for sale or inspiring links to ruth@nopatternrequired.com or submit them on our Facebook page for a chance to be featured on a round-up! Affiliate Links

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2 Responses to Weekly Vintage and Retro Inspiration – Week 2

  1. Sara In AZ Reply

    August 24, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    Oh my gosh, way to go Zerica……I LOVE all of your poodle stuff! And that vintage fridge – awesome!!!

  2. Eartha Kitsch Reply

    September 3, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Poodle tile! Wow!

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