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February 16, 2017

Time To Say Goodbye to Mom’s 1950s Time Capsule Condo…The Final Wrap Up – Thursday Retro Rewind

Post Thirty-five in the ‘Time Capsule Condo’ series and we have come to the end of the road….again.   It is hard to believe I originally posted this series 5 years ago, back in 2012……where o where does the time go?! I wanted to let all of you know that Mom is still happy as a clam in her time capsule condo….it really is the perfect place for her…not too big…..not too small….I’m so glad she found it when she did and we could bring it back to it’s mid century glory and share it with all of you! Also interesting to note, as I said the post below was originally written 5 years ago, I mention below that “cherry cabinets” were all the rage back then……5 years later cherry is out and white shaker cabinets are all the rage! Design trends change SO fast….if you are gutting purely because something is outdated….think twice as the “new” stuff will become outdated faster than you can say white shaker cabinets!

By Sara In AZ

Oh my gosh, can you all believe I started writing about Mom’s condo renovation beginning last November?!? It has been 8 solid months of posting updates each and every Thursday on the renovation happenings over at Mom’s. It sure doesn’t seem like 8 months though. Where does the time go? If you figure it out please let me know!

This wrap up is bittersweet for me, as I am happy that the renovations are now complete and that Mom is happily settled in – but gosh it was SO much fun to see that place really come together in the end. It was also fun for me to post about all of the renovations too, and let you all in on what we were up to.

I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading and responding to each and every comment. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for all of the comments and the compliments, you have no idea how much it means to me (and to Mike and my Mom too!) to see such kind and lovely words written about what we have done. It’s really you, the readers, who make this blog so wonderful and so much fun.

I’m sure that there were people who accidentally stumbled onto the No Pattern Required blog and came across some of the Time Capsule posts and wondered why we didn’t just rip it all out in the first place instead of working our hearts out so doggedly. It was my sincere hope that maybe, just maybe, one of those people would stick around long enough to see that time capsule houses can be beautiful too. We did not want to rip things out simply because they were “old”. Old does not automatically equal bad. I do understand that some people who own time capsules (or older homes in general)  will want to change things, and maybe there are some items that are beyond saving. But to gut everything out just because it is old is really, really sad. What will happen 10 years down the road, in 2022, when the “new” is “old” and everyone wants something other than granite and cherry cabinets and stainless steel appliances and vessel sinks? More for the landfill? I sincerely hope not.

I do completely understand that not all people like vintage, or mid-century, or retro or even older things in general.  I do get that. It’s just that with a lot of these older homes they are SO special and were built with such care it’s sad to see all of that “specialness” ripped away to become just like any other house out there today. I hope if anyone reading this buys an older house in the future (or currently has an older house they want to gut) PLEASE really think about it first and maybe try embrace that specialness and feel the love and care that went into building that house.

I know that Mom’s condo is just a teeny tiny little spec on the time capsule radar, but we hope that it’s specialness has shone through in a really big way.

Here are a few last pictures that I wanted to share with y’all.

This is the original NuTone Doorbell. It even has a date of 1959 on the inside!


This is the original wall sconce light in her hallway. I’m pretty much in love with it!


And here Mom is all moved in!


Mom has a really FAB vintage shadowbox!


Those are some really great vintage tropical barkcloth curtains Mom has hanging! And her lamp – LOVE!


And finally, her bathroom….and those sweet little vintage mermaid wall plaques!


Thank you all so very much for sharing this journey with Mike, Mom and I. It’s been a blast! Now y’all pray real, real hard that Mike and I find a time capsule house of our own REALLY soon and then we can start the renovation fun up all over again!

Please come back next Thursday, I’m sure I’ll be able to find something to post about! 😉

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4 Responses to Time To Say Goodbye to Mom’s 1950s Time Capsule Condo…The Final Wrap Up – Thursday Retro Rewind

  1. Susan Reply

    February 16, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    Sara! The place looks amazing. You and the Hubster did a great job!!!! Pat yourselves on the back.

  2. Susan Reply

    February 17, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Hi Sara!
    Any chance you could send me a photo of the kitchen that includes the floor? I’d love to see the whole thing. Especially since the floor VCT you chose is the VCT I wanted but was discontinued.

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