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April 21, 2017

Vintage Camper Friday, Big and Small Finds

by Merlin

We are visiting camping of the early 1960s today with a 1964 Holiday Rambler and a 1961 Lil’ Loafer. Both with wonderful vintage appeal and great names to match!  We have one camper for those with smaller needs and towing vehicles, and one for the whole family who are hopefully packed into something like a Suburban to haul it.


The holiday Rambler is a good sized travel trailer with all the amenities.  What makes this stand out is not only the restoration work, but the additional details of the era.  Take a look at the bathroom walls and the main floor, little atomic details everywhere!


Countertops and appliances all show the early 60s origins of this camper.  The fact that it retains its original turquoise cushions is amazing.  This world on wheels is reasonably priced at $7,500 and is listed in Wyoming on craigslist.

The lil loafer is completely restored/ updated.  It looks new and clean yet retains vintage details.  The countertops scream 1950s/60s while the painting of the wood brightens the camper up.


The highly polished exterior combined with the size and the shape of the camper makes this one look like a toaster of the time period.  For all the effort put in the $7,000.00 price is very fair.  The Lil Loafer is listed in Spokane Washington on Craigslist.

As always you can find more vintage camper at Tin Can Campers,

Happy Friday -Merlin

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