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April 14, 2017

Vintage Camper Friday Finds

By Merlin

Today I have two finds which I am quite fond of.  The first comes from my favorite manufacturer, Spartan.  It is a 1949 Spartan Mansion.  Oddly it was painted, but I like it painted.  Most of the time you see these in just bare, polished aluminum.

This one has a very original interior with a recently updated bathroom.  It needs some finishing work like window glass and hooking up items like the water and the stove.  Plus someone may want to upgrade from the current icebox it has.  It is in wonderful condition for the price.

On a neat side note I found a blog a while back written by a man who lives in the same model Spartan as this.  To see how he lives off the grid in his Spartan go to his blog: https://trailerlifeblog.wordpress.com/

While I really like the condition and originality of this Spartan, there are fun little details that pop out too.  For example the original car window cranks in the bedroom!  This Spartan is on Craigslist in Buffalo, NY. for $9,500.00

The second vintage camper that jumped out at me this week was this 1957 Rod and Reel Camper on Craigslist in Tennessee for $12,900.00

This rod and reel is in very nice condition and was either totally restored or at least refurbished.

the Rod and Reel is very original other than missing the dinette in front.  The wood interior is beautiful and luminous while the exterior is painted in fun vintage coloring and pattern.

As the weather warms more and more beauties like these are popping up on Craigslist.  Search them out yourself or check  Tin Can Campers for more cool listings.

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One Response to Vintage Camper Friday Finds

  1. Jacki Reply

    April 15, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Update the fridge?! If the white panel on the wall of the fourth picture is the refrigerator, I would go to extreme lengths to save it. These things were made to last forever. I have a 1947 GE purring away in my basement kitchen right now. I bought it from the original owner almost 20 years ago and neither of us have ever had it repaired. Great price for a great Spartan.

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