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May 12, 2017

Vintage Camper Friday Finds in New England

By Merlin

New England Finds.

Today we have two 1960s campers from the New England states.  A Frolic in Maine and a Scotty in New Hampshire.  Both of these are priced fairly and are towable with a mid size vehicle.  Both also are in beautiful shape and ready for summer camping.

First the Frolic.

The Frolic is a cabover single axle.  While a bit dented here and there it is presentable and the interior is  in beautiful shape with new upholstery.  The Birchwood shows no signs of leaks or rot. Turqouise appliances give this away to be an earlier 1960s model.

This Frolic is in Levant, Maine on Craigslist and is listed for a very fair $4,500.00

Our second New England find for this week is a 1968 Scotty.  This is a mid sized Scotty with a rather original speckled interior.  Its nice that it has a bathroom as well but honestly I think I would rather use the stalls at a nicely kept campground than cram myself into a tiny stuffy corner.

The owner says that while this was designed possibly to sleep six it fits two best, and possibly up to four.  With modernized appliances this one is also ready to roll.

You can find the Scotty on Craigslist in New Hampshire for $7,800.00

And, as always you can find more listings at my blog, Tin Can Campers.

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