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About Us

No Pattern Required was started in February 2009 by Ruth in an attempt to vent her overwhelming enthusiasm for everything vintage and mid-century without driving her husband, Tom, crazy. Over time she collected a wonderful assortment of loyal followers and wonderful friends, some of whom got sucked into the vortex of this blog and couldn’t get away, even if they wanted to.  The growth and following of the blog have overshot every expectation Ruth had, and she couldn’t be happier.

Your Blog Authors:

Ruth aka RetroRuth:

I am a writer and collector of all things vintage. My most recent passion is Mid-Century Modern, thanks to the recent purchase of our house, which is a 1950′s time capsule.  I didn’t know anything about MCM style before we bought this house, but now I am getting a crash course in everything – and loving it!  One of my goals is to thrift for everything we need. How far am I going to get?  Well…I guess you will have to read and see!

I collect vintage patterns, fabric, linens, ephemera, cooking gadgets, cookbooks and just about everything else that has to do with the kitchen!  Feel free to contact me!  You can email me at ruth@nopatternrequired.com if you want to submit a retro picture, a nasty vintage recipe, or just to say "hi"!


Sara aka Sara in Az:

I have loved vintage ever since I started collecting old Barbies in the late 1970s. My friends all had the newest and the best Barbies with the bendable legs, but I wanted the old ones whose legs would not bend! I was simply fascinated by these dolls and their fantastic outfits. My collecting has evolved over the years to encompass all types of 1950s and 1960s items – the more kitschy the better! I love goofy, off the wall things, that bring a smile to my face. My husband and I are currently looking for our dream 1950s house in the Phoenix area, we hope to find one that has not been touched by anything from Home Depot! Wish me luck!

Email me at sara@nopatternrequired.com!

measadollEartha Kitsch:

I live in Nashville, Tennessee and love crazy old Western things, kitsch, googly eyes, thrifting, swishy skirts, vintage recipes, photos and stories about people that I don’t know (and people that I do know), crafting, absurdity, crafting with absurdity… and a million things more. I also blog on my personal blog, Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch.

Email me at earthakitsch@nopatternrequired.com





My love for vintage started in high school, with scouring the thrift stores and vintage shops for the perfect pieces of clothing.  That love extended into houses and decorating styles as well, and now me and my husband Darren spend a lot of our spare time hunting for the perfect pieces to put the mid-century back into our 1949-but-renovated-sometime-in-the-80s home.  I am also a sucker for anything vintage related to sewing, vintage glassware and vintage salt & pepper shakers.

I’ve been sewing ever since I was little, and would sew clothes for my Barbies.  I run Sew What? Fabrics from my home in Central Alberta, Canada and am mother to my two daughters, Kat and Ella.

You can email me at sewwhatfabrics@gmail.com!

AndeeOccasional Contributor: Betty Crafter

I am Betty Crafter, a vintage dealer and enthusiast, crafter of all things, and owner of a 1962 time capsule ranch house.  I live with Mister Crafter, Little Betty, a dog, cat, and 4 chickens.  The Mister and I both loved and collected vintage when we met, and then we began collecting mid century pieces for our home together!  My most beloved of all vintage things are Enid Collins box purses, bakelite jewelry, and kitchen goodies like Pyrex and salt and pepper shakers.  The Mister is always on the lookout for vintage matador decor, rusty signs with flaking paint, and danish modern furniture.  We work together to create a home that reflects our love of old things while remaining a space that is unique and artistic!  You can also find me at www.bettycrafter.com, and email me at betty@bettycrafter.com.

This blog is dedicated to our friend and colleague Jan, AKA Sablemable, who passed away suddenly in 2013. 

Jan will always be with us, and we hope that she can see all of our vintage fun up in heaven! To visit Jan’s Memorial Page, click here.